Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY: Queen of Hearts Costume


I love Halloween... fall and Halloween, maybe my favorite time of the year!

So... every year I try to make my own costume... it's usually the cheaper and more modest option but I also like having something that won't be like anyone else. This year I got it in my head that I needed to be the Queen of Hearts.

The finished piece proved to be a little bit boxy, not really flattering, but still fun and unique.

Since it's fall, I decided to get my hair done like I always used to for the winter... RED. This couldn't be more perfect to go with my costume :)

As for the costume... things you'll need (or things I used, I'll provide prices and links below):
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon (a roll of red & a roll of black)
Headband (optional)
Headband Accent (optional)
Tulle 6 yards in red, black, & gold (2 yds each)
Cards (8 decks, only using the hearts and no royals)
Gold Paint
Paper Cup 

First of all, I need to give credit where it is due... When I got the idea for queen of hearts I knew right away that I wanted to make the top out of cards. I started a Google search for "diy queen of hearts costume". I got a lot of things that I didn't want and got a few good ideas. I also did a search on Pinterest and saved some things there as well.

This was really the first idea that I loved and I mean LOVED, you can see how much I ran with the ideas she had... I loved the cute tutu the most I think. I decided that mine needed to have gold in it though, what queen doesn't have gold?
She has a descriptive "tutorial" on her blog including all parts of the costume.

 I really liked the tie back option shown in this photo so that I could use it again at a later time and it's easier to get in and out of without breaking the construction. (view her tutorial here)

 And as much as I loved the very first image I wasn't a huge fan of the corset when you looked at it up close. I found these images with a more shaped look and that is what I modeled my top after. Also, how awesome is that skirt?! Like a full on ballerina.
(this image was just found from Google, if you know the source I'd be happy to link it)

The crown was an idea that I had based off of what I did for my costume last year. Last year I made myself into a piƱata and used cups on a headband as the ears. It was really comfortable and stayed on all night long so why tamper with something that already works?

At first I couldn't find my paper cups so I used a plastic one... I used a rubber band and the ridges on the sides to mark where I wanted to cut to create my points (in retrospect I probably could have just freehanded this). I then cut slits into the bottom of the cup for my headband to slide through.
The plastic cup ended up being really sharp and breaking along the cuts so I found my paper cups and made one with that.

I then took my metallic gold spray paint and painted the crown. At this point, I thought about adding jewels but then I remember I had a bunch of gold fabric from the tutu left over. I used the hot glue gun and a little mod podge to wrap the fabric around the cup and give it an even more realistic feel. (I'm still glad I painted it though, because the fabric is pretty transparent.)


I started out by buying a corset from Spirit Halloween to use as a model to shape my cards around. After trying to place the card around a lifeless piece of fabric, I realized this wasn't going to work and I returned the garment.

Instead I remembered something I 'pinned' awhile back on Pinterest, a DIY dress form. I used this post as inspiration for my next idea. I didn't have any duct tape or even any shirts that I was willing to cut up so I used easy release painter's tape and well nothing... 

I wrapped the tape sticky side out around and around starting at my pant line and going up to an empire waist. I then took smaller piece of tape to create the top. After I was satisfied with the general form, I wrapped another layer around the entire form sticky side in so that neither side was sticky. I then cut the form off myself straight down the middle toward my belly button. 

Once the form was off I taped it back up and filled it with plastic bags. 
I then got my hot glue gun ready and started to glue the cards on. I continued to glue the cards around until I got to the back. There ended up being a small gap in the front where I misplaced the cards. For that spot I took one of the jokers with a red back and cut it into a heart and stuck it on.
I left enough space in the back for two rows of cards and put the laces up that space.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this process. 
Fortunately it's super easy and you'll be able to make one yourself with little to no help.
I'll share this tutorial because it demonstrates just how easy it is to make these! I actually made the entire thing while watching TV.

I didn't do any actual measuring. I held the ribbon (I used the red) around my waist and marked where the ends meet to tie, then I cut about 2" strips of tulle to wrap (completely by eye). I followed the pattern of black, red, black, red, gold, and back again. I only did the gold every other time because I thought it was too over powering in a regular rotation. There could probably be even less. 
When I had all the ties pushed tightly together it only covered about half of the length. I then took all the pieces and slid them around until it covered the entire ribbon. And it's still plenty poofy, believe me!

BELT (optional): 
For the belt I just used this awesome little piece I found at Joann Fabrics. It's made for a headband so that you can slide it on and off the band. I wrapped a piece of ribbon through it and made it into a belt to break up the monotony a little bit. I may add a rose to it at a later date.

There are a lot of fun makeup ideas to use for the Queen of Hearts...

but I think this one is the one I like the most! It's simple and understated and very easy to accomplish!

Here's what I did … I will make a makeup tutorial later if you guys want one but it's really similar to the video above.


I took the photos at the end of the night so it looks a little sloppy...

I ended up buying a shirt to wear under the corset because I wanted some sleeves, it's been getting really cold. It's from Forever 21 but I can't find it on their website… I really love it as a casual day shirt too!
I also purchased this necklace and tied it shorter to use as a completion piece.
And these tights. :)

Special thanks to my boyfriend for buying our baby this adorable Cheshire Cat costume from Petsmart so that she could match mommy for her FIRST Halloween :) Don't let that face fool you, she loves it!

PRICES:Joann Fabrics:
offray single face satin ribbon 1 1/2" 12 feet - $3.49 (each, I got 2)
headband 1/4" satin $3.99
headband accent $3.99 (this isn't the one I used, but it's the same idea)
2 yds each tulle - 6 yd total (maybe $2-3 per yard)
*Note: they were having a Columbus Day Sale so almost everything was on discount, but they run sales and have coupons out literally ALL THE TIME

Dollar Tree:
$1 for 2 deck pack (bought 4 packs)

rustoleum metallic finish spray- gold $3.77
duck brand 1.5" clean release painter's tape, 60 yds $4.97

Party City:
white paper cups 20ct $2.99

So if you bought everything specifically for this project, like you didn't have any of it it would be around $50...
According to Spirit Halloween this is pretty accurate if you want to buy the costume (not including accessories). They range from $49.98-69.99 for a Queen of Hearts Costume


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